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Two-Row Pop Tab Belt

Hello! It has been a long time since my last post.  I have been having some issues with I believe is carpal tunnel.  I blame the use of the mouse for so many years and perhaps some of the crafts that I present in this space.  This is a topic I would like to discuss in a different post since I would like to give some recommendations about the tools I use and they way I use them.  I’ve been looking for something more ergonomic.

I’ve been workingon some recycling projects and I want to present this one, my first pop tab belt.  The video tutorial I haven’t been able to edit it.  The pictures are pretty understandable.  Hope you like it.

Cord: Rat tail cord, suede, or jewel cord
Nylon thread #9
Crochet Hook Boye 7/1.65mm
Belt buckle (2″ swivel)
Scissors and lighter
Pop tabs (the amount depends on how big the belt will be)

CH = Chain
SC= Single Crochet
SL ST = Slip Stitch

  1. Start with 3 pop tabs.  One facing 2 and placed in the middle
  2. Slip the cord thru the first hole of the pop tabs making sure that the 2 pop tabs next to one another are held by the cord
  3. Add another pop tab on the side that has only one pop tab and slip the cord through to hold them together
  4. Follow the same pattern adding more pop tabs
  5. Once finished, cut to cord leaving about 10 cm. off
  6. Slip the cord trhough the other hole of all the pop tabs so both sides have the same steadiness
  7. Follow the same steps
  8. Follow the same steps
  9. Cut the cord the same way as the other side. We need 2 pieces exactly the same
  10. Once the 2 pieces are ready, we will connect them with 4 SC on the pop tabs that face one another on the same row (this will be the inside of the belt)
  11. Continue with 4 SC on all the pop tabs that are on the same row
  12. When finished, cut the nylon thread, SL ST 1, hide the excess and burn ends
  13. Tie about 3 or 4 very secure knots of the cords at both ends of the belt and cut any excess
  14. Turn the belt to work on the outside to work where the belt buckle will be placed
  15. SC 3 in each hole of the pop tabs on one of the ends of the belt
  16. CH 1
  17. SC 6
  18. Do a total of 10 rounds of SC, cut the nylon thread, hide any excess and burn the end
  19. Add the buckle.  Use polyester thread and needle
  20. Voilá!

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Cinturon de Anillas Doble Hilera 2

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