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CAL Monster Tabs Purse

This purse was designed by a Facebook friend, Maria Luna.  It can be made with a single-hole aluminum pop tabs such as Monster, Redbull, Budweiser, etc. Visit her page and make sure to like it.  She has lots of cute crochet items.  Hope you like the tutorial.
CreatividadesMary Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CreatividadesMary-388496774636192/timeline

Video Tutorial:

Nylon thread #9 (I used 3 colors)
80 Blue Monster Pop Tabs
80 Green Monster Pop Tabs
Crochet Hook 7/1.65mm
Crochet Mark
Scissors and Lighter
Purse Strap of your choise

CH – Chain Stitch
SC – Single Crochet
SL ST – Slip Stitch

These are instructions based on how I understood her design.
1. Base: CH30
2. After CH30, CH 2 that will count as a SC
3. Bring crochet hook to CH30 and do SC1, at this point you have 2 SC in the same stitch.
4. SC4 in the same stitch.  We need a total of 6 SC
5. Continue with SC in all stitches until you reach the other end
6. Once in the other end of the base, SC6 in the same stitch and resume with SC in all stitches
7. SL ST to close round (where or mark is)
8. CH1 to start a new round, place the mark, SC all around
9. SL ST to close round
10. CH1 to start a new round, place mark, SC all around, SL ST to close round.  Follow the same steps for 2 more rounds.  Don’t cut the thread yet.
11. To add the pop tabs: Make sure to use a plier to fold the rough part of the pop tab
12. Add it to the base with SC1
13. SC8 in the pop tab.  With the SC when it was attached, the pop tab will have a total of 9 SC
14. Count 3 stitches from where the pop tab was attached.  At the 3rd stitch, attach the other end of the pop tab with SC
15. Add another pop tab and repeat the previous steps
16. It will look like this
17. Repeat the same step with all the pop tabs.  In my base I was able to put 20 pop tabs
Note: Since I used 2 colors, I had to do some adjustments so the pop tabs were aligned correctly in the same pattern: green, blue, green, blue.  At the end it was 10 greens, 10 blues.  Depending on your base, skip 3 or 4 stitches so the pattern is even.  If you are going to use a single color pop tabs then discard this note. 
18. SL ST to close round and CH3 to add a new round of pop tabs
19. Bring the 3 chain stitches to the middle of the first pop tab of the first round and SC1
20. Add the first pop tab of the 2nd round, SC9 in the pop tab
21. Attach the other end of the pop tab in the middle of the 2nd pop tab of the first round, SC1
22. Add the 2nd pop tab of the 2nd round following the same steps of the previous pop tab: SC9, attach other end in the middle of the following pop tab with SC.  Follow the same process with all pop tabs until the 2nd round is completed.
23. At the end of the round, SC on top of the 1st pop tab of the previous round
24. SL ST in the 1st stitch of the 1st pop tab of the 2nd round
25. CH3 to start a new round of pop tabs
26. Repeat the same steps with all rounds of pop tabs you wish to add.
27. I made 8 rounds.  Cut the thread, hide the excess thread among the stitches and burn the ends with a lighter.
28. To do the opening of the bag: SC4 in every pop tab.  I used blue color
29. SL ST to close round
30. CH1 to start a new round
31. SC all around.  Follow same process to add the necessary rounds
32. I made 6 rounds of SC.  Cut the thread, hide excess thread and burn ends with a lighter.
33 & 34. To add the strap, I made 5 chain stitches in the pop tabs of the sides
35. Then I made about 4 rounds of SC
36. Cut the thread, hide excess thread, burn ends
37. Add the straps with needle and polyester thread.  Add lining and zipper and taaaa daaaa
You are done! Hope you liked the purse

MonsterbagTutorial1 MonsterbagTutorial2 MonsterbagTutorial3 MonsterbagTutorial4

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