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Christmas Tree Ecological Spheres | Esferas Navideñas Ecológicas

Here is another idea for us to get ready for Christmas and continue recycling: Christmas Tree Spheres made with the bottoms of the soda cans.  They are easy to make, ecological, very practical and non-dangerous.  So if you want to go green this Christmas, here is the step by step.

Aquí tienen otra idea para empezar a prepararnos para recibir la Navidad y aparte continuar reciclando.  Se trata de unas esferas para el árbol de Navidad hechas con los fondos de los botes de refresco.  Son fáciles de hacer, muy prácticas, ecológicas y nada peligrosas.  Si quieren ser “verdes” esta Navidad, aquí tienen el paso a paso:

English Tutorial

– 2 soda can bottoms
Christmas-themed ribbon
Metallic jewelry cord
Metal hole punch plier 1.8mm
Manual drill
– Optional: Glitter and Gorilla Super Glue

1. Carefully cut off the bottom of the soda can using scissors
2 & 3. Remove the excess material until we obtain the smaller circle.  You can use a sanding paper to smooth out the edges.
4. Use a marker to draw where each hole will go.  I have in my online store diagram for 15 holes and a diagram for 18 holes with measurements or you can calculate on your own.  I did 18 holes  but you can do 15 holes whichever is easier.
5. Using a hole punch plier punch a hole where the mark indicates.
6 & 7: To make the holes bigger, I used a manual drill
8. We need 2 pieces
9. Put a piece of tape to the end of the cord so it doesn’t get stuck when it slips through each hole
10. Joining the 2 pieces, pull a large amount of cord that you consider will be enough for the whole circumference.
11. Continue slipping the cord through the holes (think of it as if you were sawing with needle and thread).  .
12. Leave the cord loose so it’s easier to join both pieces together.
13. Pull tight the cord throughout
14. Cut the cord leaving approximately 3 inches.
15. Make a knot to make sure the cord will not loosen up
16. Make a knot with both ends of the cord to form a loop
17. Decorate with your favorite Christmas theme ribbon, you can also decorate the soda can bottoms with glitter and glue, or even adding pictures of you loved ones using the decoupage technique.

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