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Christmas Ornament/Adorno Navideño

I know it may be a little early to start with the Christmas projects but I couldn’t resist to make this adorable Santa Claus made by my friend Natalia Zuluaga from Colombia.  She has a Facebook page called Los Tejidos de Natalia.  Visit her page and like it, she is amazing with Macrame, crochet, etc.  Spanish tutorial is available in my channel.

Se que es un poquito temprano para empezar a hacer proyectos navideños pero no me pude resistir a hacer este adorable Santa Claus hecho por mi amiga Natalia Zuluaga de Colombia.  Ella tiene una página en Facebook que se llama Los Tejidos de Natalia.  Visítala y dale like a su página.  Tiene trabajos hermosos hechos de crochet, macramé, etc.  El tutorial en español está disponible en mi canal.

English Written Tutorial with photographs


1 pop tab that comes in the tuna containers
nylon thread #2
Crochet hook 10/1.30mm
2 Wiggly eyes

1. Place a piece of tape to cover the sharp edges of the tab (this will prevent the thread from breaking)
2. Cut off the excess tape
3. Cover with SC completely
4. Cover with SC the other side of the tab
5. Close round with SL ST
6. CH 1
7. SC all around
8. SL ST to close round
9. Turn the pop tab (we will work on this side)
10. Bring the crochet hook about 2 stitches below the middle of the pop tab with SL ST ( I did 3)
11. We will start doing the beard: CH 3
12. SC in the next stitch
13. CH 4
14. SC in the next stitch
15. CH 5
16. SC in the next stitch
17. Increase CH stitches until you have reached 10 CH in the middle.  Repeat the 10 CH about 4 times and then as you go up start decreasing as indicated in the photo and you end with CH 3 again.
18. Close round with SL ST
19. Cut cord, hide excess and burn ends
20. To do the hat: switch to red nylon cord.  Start in one of the ends with SC
21. Continue with SC until you have reached the other end at the same level
22. SL ST and CH 1 (decrease)
23. SC until you leave 1 stitch off as we are decreasing in both ends
24. SL ST and CH 1
25. Repeat the same steps of decreasing in both ends until the last round has only 2 stitches. Cut cord.  You can add a small cotton ball, glue it.
26. Add the wiggly eyes and done! You may add chain stitches to make a loop

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